Before the clouds covering the sky. The bright sunlight was trying it’s best washing out all the subtle colours of the street. First time using #fabrianoartistico paper. It’s a lot better than I thought, holds details very well! #acrylicink #liquetex

here, take my card.

SURPRISE!! NEW ⚡THOR⚡ PINS! If you were wondering what I was painting in the last post, here it is! Featuring Stormbreaker 🔨, Valkyrie ⚔️ and Loki 🐍! I tried using almost entirely acrylic inks for all these and they turned out pretty well! I wish y'all could see how it shimmers and shines in the sun, it's amazing! As always, these were hand painted on wooden pieces. It takes awhile, but so worth it! This set of Thor pins can be found on my Etsy shop now -- link in bio! Tomorrow I'll be revealing the other set of pins 👀 What could they be? . . . . . #thor #thorragnarok #infinitywar #marvel #valkyrie #stormbreaker #loki #chrishemsworth #tessathompson #tomhiddleston #mcu #marvelcomics #marvelart #acrylicink #acrylicart #pins #pinbadge #pinbadges #pinbutton #pinsofinstagram #pinsofig #pingame #pingamestrong #etsy #etsyshop #etsygifts #etsyfinds #etsylove #etsyartist #etsyhandmade

When my daughter was young, she loved thunder storms, only she couldn’t pronounce “storm” so she would point out the window and excitedly exclaim “derm!” So this is a work in progress of an incoming derm. ⛈

Cute lil koi fish mermaid 🐱

🎼“Well I'll keep traveling 'til my heart finds peace But even when it does, I'll keep moving 'Cause there's so much to see Ground beneath bare feet I love the dark-lit loneliness My greatest teacher, peacefulness The wolf I bear the forest with The ever-present kiss of mindfulness Compassion wets my every step Well the puddle shimmer and reflect And I hold my shield up, must protect...” I Mua by Nahko and Medicine for the People. This is just an amazing song. Listen on repeat!

51/100 the lime green lyre tail wrasse - bit of a mouthful, but very apt! Also known as the moon wrasse and the green parrot wrasse. He can be found in shallow lagoons or the outskirts of reefs. Quite a stunner, I’m sure you’ll agree. (Apologies for the somewhat dodge photo - completely spaced and it was a bit dim when I took it!) #the100dayproject #100daysofthingsthatliveinthesea