⚑ So #SpoilerAlert for the season finale of #theflash I'm really glad that Iris brought Marlize to help in the fight agaisnt his own husband, not only because she was the only one who could help them but it was nice that they saw that she's a nice person and I love her relationship with Iris. Poor Cecille and Joe having to have their child in such stressful environment I am so happy that she used her abilities to help Barry get inside Davoe's mind where he found Ralph!!! ❀ I missed him. I'm so happy that they had their baby πŸ’œπŸ’œ I am so happy that Harry was "fixed" sort of thanks to Marlize. Harry is back but not as super smart like he was but he's emotional inteligence has grown and that's amazing. I liked the twist they did. And finally wow we got our Nora Allen ❀ yaay ✊ I can't wait to see the next season πŸ’œ βš‘βš‘πŸ’œ

(SPOILERS) Videos like these are what I will be making. Clips from throughout the entirety of the show, put together in one video. It could be random scenes thrown together, or sometimes a theme. Maybe one will be showing all villains, or another with heroes. But for now, this is the one I made of just some random scenes. Β· Β· Β· #flash #theflash #barryallen #cw #daretodefy #jaygarrick #zoom #iriswest #joewest #ciscoramon #caitlinsnow #killerfrost #vibe #firestorm #ronnieraymond #thereverse #eobardthawne #noraallen #devoe #savitar #wearetheflash

I knew it! I knew it! Anyways, is it just me or did anyone else after watching this scene understand it or have a thought of why it happen? I did I knew right when I saw her have to help Barry it was for a reason. It was hinted something bad would happen to Barry from the scene with Iris right before he super-punched the satellite. My theory is Barry would have died or did in that timeline but after Nora was somehow born she went back in time to save her dad because look after Barry punched it his suit was burned and torn up and he was bleeding, let’s say what would have happen if Nora wasn’t there Marlene would have been right and Barry would have been severely hurt or worse. But, as I was watching this scene and I saw the semi purple lighting I knew something would have happen to Barry and Nora traveled back to help him. Anyways what a amazing finale episode it there were tears, smiles, and just pure astonishment but all in all was one of the best, good work @cwtheflash @grantgust keep it up!!! β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #thethinker #ralphdibny #reverseflash #legendsoftommorow #arrow #batman #superman #ezramiller #wallywest #crisisonearthx #justiceleague #speedforce #kidflash #eobardthawne #thinker

Harry had no chance against