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Это не тихий дворик, это плитка в санузле. #дизайнжесть

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Sharing a long piece of calligraphy finally. Anyone else still obsessed with these songs? 🎩 #thegreatestshowman . Workshop update: Just a few spots left for my Beginner’s calligraphy workshop. Link in bio for full details 😄✍🏻 . Written with Gillott 404, Bleedproof white

“Re-Definition, cameraless photography” exhibition - Iswanto Soerjanto has been working for more than 2 decades as an advertising photographer but is seeking to find other forms of photography. As an experienced photographer, he makes high quality photos and worked with many established multi nasional companies. His interest in the history of photography and techniques leading him to experiment with the medium, stepping outside the traditional boundary of the modern digital camera. While other photography artists experimenting eith the digital forms of photography, Iswanto Soejanto goes back to the old camera obscura, antique tinytype photography, glass photographic plates eventually omitting the negatives, and using unusual and different ways of processing the photo-sensitive paper. - Email or DM me for the complete list of available artworks and price list/ check our highlight for the quick information