Pale unagundua kuwa kampuni uliyoingia nayo ubima na kufanya nayo biashara ina umri mkubwa yaani inamuda mrefu zaidi sokoni kidunia 😁 😁 😁....... “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” #40yrsofmycompany #enjoy #fincialfreedom #timefreedom #lookbetter #feelgood #spreedsuccess

Today’s reminder: if you want something, be bold & go after it 💪🏼 #CHRLDR #CHRLDRSQUAD

You are more influenced when you are tired, stressed, over-stimulated. So take good care of yourself and think of things that charge your battery and that feed and fulfill you. Make a list of things that make you happy. #feelgood #bonniebessem #heaventalks

So I bought a pair of gym leggings in January for my birthday I bought medium sized so I can loose weight and fit into them....... They actually fit me. #fitnessgoals #fitbit #4stonetoloose #needlose3lbsthisweek #icanfothis #FeelGood #gettingthere #doingmybest #needkeepgoing #buzzing

Time for work! I’ve got my healthy protein shake with greens and my detox tea! I like it iced. #30daystohealthyliving #feelgood

Солнечный день продолжается 🙌😂🍹❤️☕️ #kiev #gulliver #feelgood #niceday

☀️Eat, drink & be merry - with some green plant powered foods today from J.BAR 🌱🍉 You will feel VERY good about it 💚 #alkalize #jbar #capecodjuicebar #feedyourselfhealthy #veganvibes #feelgood #healthlifestyle #freshjuice #wheatgrass #greendrinks #salads #avocadotoast #greensmoothies #bowls #harwichport

Let me put it straight right away: Food is Fuel - for the Body. Period. More often than is healthy, the food we take in tends to be consumed to feed the mind, and not the body. In fact, the hapless body’s requirements and limits are completely overruled in favour of feeding our ravenous emotions. That’s right - emotional eating. • This strategy is doomed to fail - you know why? Coz the mind, and emotions, are never-ending in nature. And no amount of food is ever going to fill that hole in your tummy, I mean heart (and soul). Those latter two run on a different fuel altogether. The food you chew and gulp is of no help. No, even if you finish that entire chocolate cake it ain’t gonna help. In fact, a big factor in many cases of overeating is simply this - mind over body. • Many people seek food to feel ‘good’ - which does happen, but only temporarily. Soon enough, the root trigger emotions take over again, and you find yourself craving, nay lusting, for that chocolate cake again. Food becomes a coping mechanism, a way to deal with unpleasant stuff like sadness, low self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety, loneliness, and all their friends. • Eating food for curing these is like taking an as(s)prin for being an asshole - it doesn’t work. And it’s not just futile, but dangerous too. After gobbling up all that food, next thing ya know, you’re a rocket hurtling off on a guilt trip. That digs the hole(s) deeper still. • So the next time you feel a ‘hunger pang’ - listen closely to the whispers of your body, beneath the cacophony or your mind, and understand what and how much it truly needs. • Next, will talk about how to tell apart body hunger from emotional hunger. Stay Tickled! :)