Venti cup of water plz

💭_ Chicago is my second choice, Nueva York still my first. 🌃

this outfit is my new favorite ok byeeeee #livelifeinlux 🖤🤩💫


So much prettiness.

The sweetest of all smiles for your Tuesday evening from these sweet Georgia peaches! Buddy & Kat have been in California for only a year but wanted their engagement session to reflect their new Northern California roots! So happy I got to capture their sweet love! 🍷🍇

“Mama! Mama! Look at me! ... Mama, I need help down!” Right after I get a photo, kid. #mixalaki

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Soul Sister @that_toriah You have been the realest, funniest, most genuine person I've met in a long time. Thank you for your friendship and I'm thankful you're in this world with me. Here's to more car rides, food runs, shade throwing, and photoshoots. Love ya, Sister 😙👭🎈🎉💕 #21 #dreamteam

My name is Jenny and I approve of this message (If it's still up, check her art) #personalshooter #freeportraits #amateur

Planning to conveniently miss my flight tomorrow

Wannabe wedding photographer

An oldie but a goodie!