Summer of 1972, Stargroves: Led Zeppelin worked on songs for their "Houses of the Holy" album during a few weeks of sessions with the Rolling Stones' mobile studio, a truck with a 16-track recording facility. Because it was on wheels, it was possible to park the truck and record inside the basement of an adjacent building, or even outside in the garden. The Rolling Stones had used the mobile studio in 1971 to record for the double album Exile on Main Street. It became popular with other groups too. Most notably, Deep Purple had attempted to use it in December 1971 to record the album, Machine Head. Led Zeppelin used it in 1972 and 1974, and Bad Company followed Zep's lead and recorded its third album, Run with the Pack, with the mobile studio in September 1975. The truck was sometimes stationed in France, Belgium or Switzerland. But for Led Zeppelin's sessions, it was parked at Stargroves, a country estate that belonged to Stones front man Mick Jagger. The only immediate goal Led Zeppelin had was write and record some songs. "When we first went down there, we had no set ideas," said Jimmy Page. "We just recorded the ideas each one of us had at that particular time. It was simply a matter of getting together and letting it come out." New York-based engineer Eddie Kramer said, "I was asked to come to England to record a bunch of tracks." What was recorded was not originally intended to comprise one album, although three quarters of Led Zeppelin's next album came from Stargroves sessions. Aside from being highly productive, the Stargroves sessions were fun. Said Kramer, "The lads were really happy there, recording with the amazing acoustics of the old mansion and frolicking around in the park-like setting." The band was great to work with, he added: "They were great, inspiring, wonderful. They were so confident and so happy with what was going on. The general feeling was excellent." Thank for following us we promise to give you the most beautiful pictures and videos Thank you so much Via: @zepplike . * FOLLOW 👇👇👇👇@Led.Zeppelin.lover Please follow me: [email protected]_zeppelin002

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Whenever we drive the H-3 to Kailua or Kaneohe we always look for the “stairway to heaven”, the Haiku Stairs going up the side of the Ko’olau Mountains. It’s beautiful but freaks me out, people actually hike up that! #oahuhawaii #haikustairs #stairwaytoheaven #beautifulbutscary #momsaidnohikingthat

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