This workspace in our renovated basement turned out just as I had hoped!

When the exterior is as pretty as the interior!

We need help y’all! We seem to go back and forth with picking a chandelier for our #diningroom 💡 so help us out + head over to our stories to make your vote

Who else can’t wait for peonies? These pretty white ones are always quite late to bloom, but I sure am looking forward to them and pretty summer tables like this one.

Mango and I are ready for the weekend. Our plans include napping and doing nothing... just kidding those are Mango’s plans. I have so much to do 😬 #liketkit #LTKhome Download the app to shop this pic via screenshot

Good natural light wins every time! On a side note, I’m so excited for the holiday weekend! If anyone needs me I’ll be lounging by the pool all weekend long. And by lounging I mean in the pool because when you have kids and it’s 100 degrees outside there is little lounging going on!😊️ PC: @johncwoodcock #calledelmedioproject

💕✨ Gorgeous inspo from our BLURRED LINES collection photoshoot - clay beads from our lovely friends at @harperandwilde

Busy day for our team(s) today! We freshened up a golf course club house and the other half of us we're in Toronto to visit our suppliers and visit our favourite shops! Any who, tonight we're bringing you back to the #leclairhalifaxproject laundry room for the hale navy cabinetry goodness. 👌🏻

There aren’t enough walls to cover with all these precious moments of our family’s existence together. While Lilly napped this week I printed and framed some treasured photographs and it made me feel all mushy gooey inside about this life we created. I tend to jump from one thing to the next, from one task to another, from planning one day to the next event, and as much as I try to pause and take in the present moment, it’s not always the most natural thing for me. I’ve spent a lot of time working on mindfulness because I want to hit the pause button so often, particularly these days. I think experiencing loss so young made me realize how fleeting time can be. So how do I freeze moments? When I hold Lilly, I try to just focus on the weight of her body in my arms, her smell, the softness of her muslin sleep sack. When I see my husband after a long day I try to take in his face, his voice, the way his arms feel around my body. Instead of getting frustrated when the baby won’t fall asleep, I just breathe into it. And wouldn’t you know? It turns out I didn’t need a guru to learn to be mindful or meditate. I’m looking at these pictures of this tiny person and marveling at the fact that this tiny baby turned out to be my greatest teacher yet. I can only imagine the future lessons she has in store. What lessons have your babies taught you??