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current set // been playing with shapes 💅🏻

The beautiful Alayna✨

when one of you loses your disc while playing disc golf deep in the bush... but this kid don’t mind ‘cause he got to run around and explore the dandelions instead of hanging out in his stroller the whole time. so we didn’t get nearly a full round in, but that’s okay. we got our workout each taking turns looking for the lost disc deep in the tangled, scratchy, spider web filled trees! 🙈

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some short cuties for this beauty ❤️

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a stroke of luck.

Would you believe me if I told you that she had the finest, thinnest hair?? My secret wepon you ask? My texture crimping iron! It volumizes the hair and makes it look like she has crazy thick hair!! #yxehair #yxehairstylist

Did you get to #yxe for Cirque du Soleil's show #Crystal? Their shows are always guaranteed to be filled with flips and tricks. . . . #actionphotographer #eventphotographer #canon #yqrphotographer #onlocation

“Life” by Blaine Blabis I shared this on Facebook already and figured I should post it here as well. I noticed a man with a yellow backpack asking for a dollar from people while I was in the Dollarama checkout line at the mall. When he finally was given his single dollar he thanked that person and cheerfully headed into Dollarama. I stopped him and asked him if he needed anything else and he cheerfully said “some pens” I said “sure, bring them over”. When I got to the till he said he was going to get a new notebook and tried to hand me some money when I told him to add it to my pile. I shooed his handful of coins away and told him to not worry about it. He gave me this poem he wrote and said “maybe this may help you someday, or maybe you might just like it.” As I was leaving the security approached me and asked me if the man had asked me for money or had sold me that poem. I told them the story and further explained to them that >>I<< approached him and asked him if he wanted anything from the store and the poem was a gift. They curiously said “oh” and went to patrol other areas of the mall. #giftedapoem #homeless #yxe #yellowbackpack #hisstorynotmine

I'm still trying to get used to half my hair being gone but punk rock bowling vacay starts tomorrow! I can't wait! #punkrockbowling Thanks @gingahairnynja for making me look good for Vegas! #yxe

Square bbs

Some nice plays by Richie, Charles, and Yanko. Great work today boys! #SMF #YXE #Football #KFL @saskatoon_minor_football @kfl_saskatoon Day 144 of 365.

Oreo cupcakes! Baked with a whole Oreo inside! Oreo buttercream and Oreo toppings! All. Things. OREO!!! #bakedbyaida #getbaked #bakedlocal #yxe #oreo #cupcakes